Sunday, February 22, 2015

More Lipton

I like the way Lipton looms over the HBS storage tracks (right) and provides a cavern for the industry tracks. The footprint is a little shallow, and might prompt a little realignment of the storage tracks to allow a completely scale model. There is also a one story pitched roof extension towards the yard to fit in. 

It is a real difference from a completely flat plywood plane, and adds exciting depth. I can imagine that the addition of the rest of the buildings will create a very unique ambiance for the layout. 

I'm thinking about allowing the section at the edge of the bench work to reveal the inside of the 12 floors of activity. This would be a great signature scene. I'll only do if I can find some pictures to guide me. Or at least some descriptions. Something for my research list. 

Lipton Tea Building

First part of the Thomas J Lipton Tea Building mock up (white, 3/16" foam core). This 12 story building served by the HBS is 165ft tall in a U configuration around three tracks. This is a good candidate for laser cutting, since it has a relatively flat facade from its concrete frame and glass infill construction.

The scale of this is impressive. A happy coincidence that there is a large building on the railroad. I like big buildings, but this isn't the reason I chose the HBS to model. This is the tallest building on the layout.

I am being deliberate with all of the buildings (along with everything else), so there will be mock ups and iterations before final models are constructed. At this point I will scratch build every structure. We'll see if that actually happens. 

Off to the store for more foam core.