Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Mockup Update

end of aisle with Maxwell House Coffee (left) andBethShip (right)
End of turnback aisle with Maxwell House Coffee (left) and BethShip (right) both in white. Tan and gray buildings beyond are rowhouses.

Today I finished the last buildings mockup on the layout. These are found in the BethShip (Bethlehem Shipyard) and represent the main office, work areas, storage buildings and boiler house. 

I use white foam core and Elmer's glue with T pins to hold while the glue dries. These are just quick massing models to get a feel for, you guessed it, massing which means an abstract model for checking size, proportions, positioning, and relationship to other things. 

I begin the process by using my overall layout plan and reference materials to locate and size structures in 2 dimensions. Then I mark the footprints directly on the benchwork in pencil, erase, and redraw as needed until I am satisfied with the location and size. 

The intersection of 11th and River Road is another very important signature scene for me. This is where the historic marker for the first recorded professional baseball game sites (upper center). Beautiful cars and Rock Island boxcar by Rick De Candido.

Then I go to the foam core models as a first draft in 3 dimensions. They go together in 30-60 minutes a piece depending on the size and complexity. Here are the latest in situ: 

One of the many times steelworkers and shipbuilders went on strike. Notice the street trackage bottom left to top right along Hudson Street. Today the Hoboken Historical Museum resides in the long gable roofed building.

A signature scene that suffers a little from a lot of compression.
This is where the strikers picket line will be. (see below)

Buildings on the piers at BethShip

Close quarters is the feeling all throughout the HBS as here on the piers of BethShip

View from the BethShip piers

BethShip boiler house with smokestack

Foreground left to right are the BethShip supply building, workshop, and boiler house and shorty smokestack (right). Behind is the larger Maxwell House Coffee plant and American Can buildings.

Open side to a utility building so facilitate operating cars inside just like my dock buildings.

I have a long list for my summer 2022 workplan. Scenery on the Harlem Terminal and backdrop and fascia on the HBS are the top priorities. More on my backdrop musings upcoming. 

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  1. Glad to see an update on things, Riley! Gives me "positive vibes" that my current layout plan is worth keeping after all, because our layouts are similar, and people sure seem to enjoy operating your layout.
    Thanks, Ralph