Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Backdrop time?

Stevens Institute corner. Sybil's Cave at right (at the power outlet) and the castle at left edge of the panel.

Could it be time to do the backdrop???

Fresh paint and new LEDs.

The wall has been freshly painted behind the whole layout. Color: Sherwin-Williams 7025 Backdrop. I chose this color to help with a gloomy New York Harbor mood. 

Lighting has also been relamped with 6000K LED strips to provide a cold, harsh, gritty realism with winter light that will help to set a gloomy mood. Life in the 50s was hard in Hoboken - especially along the docks. The film On the Waterfront (1954) about rough longshoremen was set and filmed along the Hoboken Shore Railroad with the locomotive in the background in a couple of scenes. 

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  1. Years ago when I talked with HBS engineer Bill Billings, he told me that the railroad got paid to move the train for those scenes in the movie!