Monday, March 30, 2009

28th Street Yard Initial Sketch

Erie 28th Street Yard sketch

An initial sketch for the Erie 28th Street Yard

I can get the Terminal Stores Warehouse and the 28th Street Yard in a 5'x8' area, to include the float bridge, elevated road and street track of the NYC and Lehigh Valley, I would need an additional 4' in length. hmmm.(Vince Lee and David Ramos are also building versions of the 28th Street Yards.)

Of course, the idea is to stack several yards from around New York Harbor on top of each other (see my article in LDJ no.38 about the Dial-a-Yard concept) , so how the other yards shake out will determine what the overall benchwork size will be. Height of building will be a severe limiter, also, as the Terminal Warehouse is several stories tall. Other New York Harbor yards desired are the DL&W Harlem Transfer Terminal, Erie's 149th Street, maybe the CNJ Bronx Terminal (which Tim Warris is building also),  and either the B.E.D.T. or the Jay Street Connecting RR. There are a lot of yards to choose from around the harbor, so this is by no means a final list!

References: Vincent Lee and Thomas Flagg, Erie R.R. 28th St. Freight Terminal, The Diamond, vol. 18, no.4. pp 4-15.


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