Monday, January 9, 2012

Lighting fin

Inspired by seeing some LED strip lights on rolls, I started tackling how to illuminate the Erie 149th yard. I mocked up a light arm that could not only hold strip lights, but a valence as well. The mock up is out of a 5'x5' board of 1/2 inch Baltic Birch plywood which is very dense and very strong.

After getting the initial piece in place, I quickly saw that it was too tall. So, I chopped the fin and lowered the top arm about a foot. I'll test the height with lights, then look to create the fin out of something lighter and detachable. Gator board or possibly Falcon board (a honeycomb cardboard void filler with art quality surfacing for screen printing, etc) will make it strong , yet easily transportable.

I'm considering both for use as modular benchwork as well. I haven't found a local distributor that carries large sheets that are thick - on the order of 2" to make for a stiff substrate.

Anyway, I'll probably need three fins total depending on how bright the lights end up being.

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