Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lehigh Valley Locomotives Plus...

LV no.120 at Bethlehem, PA, 4 December 1973

LV no.260

So what is occurring to me that might be an interesting challenge is to try to get photos for every locomotive that runs on the Port of New York Railroad. To that end, I have a couple of Lehigh Valley switchers that qualify now. Plus...

O&W caboose Middletown, NY, 6 September 1964

...a New York, Onterio and Western caboose. The O&W ran from Weehawken (basically to the Erie yard, I bellieve, over New York Central track) to Oswego, NY on Lake Ontario with branches to Scranton, Kingston, Port Jervis, etc.The Most interesting thing about the railroad from my perspective, is that several of its F-units sat in Croxton Yard after the bankruptcy of 1957. They were a promanent feature of the yard for many years as they rusted away on a storage track.

NY,O&W 804 at Croxton Yard, NJ


  1. Hi Riley! If you are looking to do a representative engine photo roster, I'd be happy to help supply some, or at least point you to the right direction to where they are on the web. I like the idea.....Over the years I have collected the number of actual LV engines used in the NY Terminal area for more "accurate" modeling some day. The O&W ran only as far south as the NYC's Weehawken Yard, but it's too neat of a railroad to not include it in the overall NY Terminal area, I agree.

  2. Doh. I was thinking about the NYC tracks that go all the way by the Erie yard.

  3. And, yes, I'll take you up on the LV locomotive info. I'm probably doing the Erie 28th street yard next which had the LV warehouse next to it that I would like to include. Any idea what switchers worked that in 1959?

  4. I'd be happy to, just need to look up the data when I get home (being at work sucks!).....What makes life easier in this task, is that you are not looking for ALL the engines used by the Erie and LV over the years! However, the RR's liked to swap engines out at any time (for inspections and other mechanical reasons) but for the most part, a single engine was assigned to a yard for months (if not years) on end, so unless you have employee time books and/or long term photo evidence, you can only nail down the make and number of the regularly assigned engine, which is more than good enough for my modeling needs!

    The LV warehouse you mentioned - Do you mean the Terminal Stores building (literally right next door) or the yard under the Starrett-Lehigh building? LV, Erie and NYC all served Terminal Stores, only LV served the Starrett-Lehigh building.

    Be in touch later today with that info,


  5. Both! Thanks!

    And, I'm with you on the "good enough". I appreciate being as specific as possible, but I practice "quantum modeling" where the probability of existence in a certain place at a certain time is the area I am shooting for...

  6. Riley -

    OK, here's what I can best deduce.....Erie's W.28th St. engine was S-1 #315, and the LV's W. 27th St. engine was SW-1 #112 during this time frame. Interestingly enough, #112 is now owned by an individual who is restoring her to her original paint job (grey-yellow-red) here in New Jersey. The engine went on to switch the yard in town here (South Plainfield) after W.27th St. shut down in 1966. The #112 sat un-used and un-loved in Tennesee until about 2-3 years ago when it was brough back north. Here's the website -



  7. Great info - thanks! It's good to hear 112 is getting attention, too.