Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quick update

Two quick updates. First, the Stanton drive and unpowered companion truck arrived quickly. Perhaps too quickly, as I haven't had time to get a chassis ready for them. I tested the drive on a DC test track, and it zips along really well. I'm excited. I didn't get a second powered truck as I am not going to be pulling more than a few cars at a time in the pocket terminals. These are for my box cab scratch building project

Also, the overheating in the 44 tonner seems to be motor-induced and not decoder-caused. There seems to be some binding, so I'll be disassembling the motor enclosure and investigating. It may be a wire routing issue, as I could have crammed the motor wires into the frame causing problems.

Pretty much a total work haltage on everything at the moment with my starting a second week of jury duty and working in the evenings to make up the lost time. Should just be one more week...


  1. Ugh! Second week? Did you get called for a case? I have to go to jury duty Tuesday. If we're not called for a case then it's only one day. Keeping my fingers crossed..

    I'm looking forward to seeing the end result of the boxcab project. Make sure you shoot a video of it in action. :)

  2. Yes, entering second week of trial. I don't mind doing it except for the time crunch.