Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scenery Plan

Preliminary area plan for landscaping. I failed to indicate that the dashed line is a chain link fence. Some of it is on concrete pony wall (bottom, or south side), some on the ground (I think the rest of it).
Lots of concrete at Harlem Station! I hadn't really noticed, but I guess with all of the LCL going into trucks, there needs to be an all-weather surface to keep the freight moving.

This quick sketch of a scheme is based on an equally quick interpretation of the aerial photo from 1956 and various photos. As always, please feel free to share with me any information you might have on this subject.

The freight shed is gone by my modeling date of 1959, and the new freight house expanded to cover the tracks to make an indoor unloading facility. I'm not keen on covering up all that layout area, so I'm either A) going to back date this terminal to early 50s or B) stay accurate and build just the walls of the freight house extension and lose the 'cute' freight shed building.

At this point, I would bet on 'B' if I were a viewer of this blog. (Remember: all wagering is for entertainment purposes only.)

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