Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reworking the 149th

I finished reworking the bench work on the 149th street yard several weeks ago, but I forgot to post results. I replaced the 15 ply Baltic birch with 2 layers of 3/4" foam, which reduced the weight considerably. I also added a new fascia board around the entire perimeter. I also built a make-shift storage cradle for it to make it easier to move around. I got a large spade bit to bore some weight reducing holes in the 1x frame members. I haven't reconnected the wiring.

I'm pleased with the results, but it is still too heavy and awkward to move by myself. I think I am going to start from scratch with a 2 or 3 section frame that can be separated and stored under the HBS when not in operation. The track plan is great fun to operate and worth this effort to get it right. I'm learning, too, and my mantra is "lighter is better."

I moved most of the HBS peninsula today (see last post) and countersunk some leg bolts I missed originally that were causing gaps in between modules.  I also cut shelf supports/ leg braces and started installing them. It stiffens up the legs well, and I'm looking forward to the storage space. 

There is still a lot of organizing to do, but there is progress on finally getting the room in a more comfortable shape. Went through 20 years of magazines including MR and saved 4 articles and a handful of issues for reference. The rest went into the recycling bin. I figure at this point that I will either get the DVD collection, or simply do an Internet search when I want ideas or how to articles on something. I freed up a whole lot of space, and I feel lighter. Lighter is better.

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