Monday, January 6, 2014

Ephemera and Photos

Bethlehem Steel workers strike, 6 June 1947, Hoboken, NJ.

Creative Commons License

I believe information is worthless unless it gets used, so as a matter of principle, I try to post any ephemera I acquire, and I do it in the spirit of the Creative Commons Copyright to share information freely for non-commercial endeavors. So, feel free to use anything I post with a courtesy credit as long as it is not for commercial endeavors. Its just the right thing to do, and I endeavor to be diligent in return.

These latest bits of visual information are a grab bag to catch up.

Bethlehem Steel workers strike (reverse), 6 June 1947, Hoboken, NJ.
Erie bad order card

Erie bad order card (reverse)
Erie Railroad NY Division & Side Lines schematic (no date)
A seat card from 1956 announcing the change of stations to the Lackawanna's Hoboken Terminal. The two railroads would merge four years later.
Inside a Seatrain Lines ship showing the multiple levels of storage in this stage of the evolution to containerized shipping.
A cut away view of the operation that was published in Popular Mechanics Magazine ( this would be amazing to model!

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