Sunday, March 16, 2014


After several sessions of fiddling around with track placement in the HBS yard, I have finally glued down my first bit of track here at the crossing by General Foods. I've started in the center bottom of the yard after laying out 3/4 of the layout dry to make sure the arrangement I designed would actually work.

There will be minor adjustments responding to reach and convenience, but I believe the plans can be realized very closely and work as desired.

I'm using clear adhesive non-silicone caulk in small amounts to affix (tack) track directly to plywood. There are no profiles to the roadbed in what I am modeling, so I'm not bothering with roadbed at all. Most of the track is either in asphalt, concrete or cobblestone, so the plywood will do. Speeds are going to be slow, so I'm not even worried about sound transmission noise. 

Nothing else to see here today, but this is enough to feel good about the layout. 

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