Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skirt boards

Skirt boards installed.
I'm making progress on installing skirt boards on the HBS. These are ex-West Texas sky boards, and I will be painting them a different color (perhaps the color of the wall beyond.) I used self-adhesive Velcro reinforced with super glue.
The materials and tools.
No thoughts on the fascia, yet, but I'd like to make it good.

Upcoming things in approximate order:

  • re-building the Erie 149th street yard bench work in 2 parts so I can move it and store it more easily.
  • procuring foam board for building up right of way on the modules that are lowered for water.
  • battery powered radio control systems testing. I'll probably try CVP first. I'm thinking about trying it in a double lash-up of 44-tonners 700 and 701 or more likely a trailing idler gondola.
  • get rid of beds in room and replace with inflatables for guests.
  • operate!
  • build bookshelves in other part of the house for the multitude of books in the room.
  • get rid of TV.
  • build workbench for modeling and computer.
I also found out that my cat likes Spicy Nacho Doritos. I assume it is the salt at crunch more than the spice, but he enjoyed the little taste he had either way. 

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