Saturday, July 12, 2014

Yard tracking changes

The curved portion of the HBS yard is now in. 
As is the double slip ladder on the north end of the yard. The next step is to verify that the  Erie yard tracks and the first section of HBS yard tracks between the north ladder and the slip switches are equal. Why? So that the switcher can move equal cuts of cars between them. This is a good example of those small decisions that should be made with operations in mind. 

In this case, I empirically verified that the optimal number of 40' cars is 4 that can be accommodated on each side of the ladder. 
Across the way from the interchange yard over at Bethlehem, the shoreline is getting glued to the module so I can continue laying track inside their property. This end is where the dry docks and piers run into the aisle. A large ship will float here somehow sliced in section to fit. 

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