Friday, August 1, 2014

Sea change

I found an oopsie while laying track around the Pennsy Marine facility this evening. Turns out there was no drop in bench work to allow for any marine things to reach the repair facility.
Before: There is no water at the marine facility.
Before: Fortunately this is a layout full of modules.
After: The sea change resulted in a standard 1-1/2" drop. I don't know how I determined that was where the tide was back in the summer of '13 when I started installing modules, but that's what it is.
After: A nice little chunk of harbor now allows vessels to reach the Pennsy Marine facility.
And the "main line" is now in from soup (Weehawken) to nuts (Port Authority Pier), and I am closing in on the golden spike. Sounds like a ceremony is in order soon. Where should it take place?


  1. At the Erie interchange, Riley.......Then interchange a car between the two to seal the deal!

  2. Excellent idea! That's going to be hard to beat.