Friday, September 12, 2014

Certificate of Occupancy

HOBOKEN, NJ September 12 — The Port of New York Railroad Department of Planning, R.O.W. Division issued this day a notification to the Hoboken Shore Railroad of a certificate of occupancy upon substantial completion of track installation along the Hudson River route.

Of the total 9.45 total track mileage and 1.68 mile long straightaway from its southern terminus approximately 200 feet north of First Street at the Port of New York Authority property of Pier A, extending northerly over property of the Port of New York Port Authority to the south line of Fourth Street, continues northerly along the waterfront to the northerly line of Fifth Street; from this point continuing northerly along the waterfront in the city of Hoboken over fee-owned right-of-way approximately 50 feet wide known as River Road to a point in the easterly line of Hudson Street just south of Eleventh Street where the railroad enters upon Hudson Street and continues northerly on Hudson Street to the northerly line of Fourteenth Street; then from the northerly line of Fourteenth Street in a westerly direction over its fee-owned property of various widths ranging from 80-100 feet to a point just east of Park Avenue (at the intersection of Fifteenth Street with Park Avenue) and thence in a northerly direction over its fee-owned right-of-way approximately 100 feet wide to its connection with the Erie Railroad Company at a point just north of Seventeenth Street, it extends easterly - all in the City of Hoboken, County of Hudson, State of New Jersey, the Hoboken Shore Railroad has laid to date approximately 9.25 miles and 1.57 miles in good working order for operations as it sees fit.

Cars have already begun to populate the working docks, businesses and shipyards in the Mile Square City. Regular operating procedures and shift assignments are still formulating even as railroad workers try to keep up with the burgeoning demand for service. All spots are deemed in right and working order save for the New York Port Authority services which require substantial, but straightforward pier construction before track can be installed.

One locomotive is in service currently, with another engine expected to be available "soon." It is not known whether another GE 44-tonner No.700 will be the next locomotive, or if the HH660 HBS No.600 will be delivered prior. A total of 5 HBS locomotives and 1 Erie switcher are expected to be in use at any given time.


Pier 16 is fully operational (and for sale!).

A statement from the Thomas J Lipton Company indicated that they have already received service form the HBS, and they are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the HBS along the shores of the Hudson River. 

Some of the most recent track work has occurred at the Hoboken Dock Stores and Holland-America Lines near Pier No.8 at 6th Street. HBS 701 recharges its battery in the background after a couple of weeks of irregular operation over the newly-completed sections of the railroad. A full charge is obtained in less than 30 minutes, with an estimated continuous run time of 2-3 hours (unconfirmed). Stripes from an American flag being installed for preparations of the Golden Spike Ceremony flaps in the breeze over the Red Star Lines loading facility. Three ships a week are expected to call upon the pier keeping the HBS busy even during a general downturn of steamship traffic as airlines begin regular trans-Atlantic jet service.

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