Friday, November 14, 2014

More forms

So... version 1.0 of the switch list didn't have the originating location. How you going to find the car in the first place without that! Version 2.0:

And also a wheel report form for the interchange yard shared with the Erie. This is broken up into the tracks and a spot or location on the track up to the capacity for each track (measured for 40' cars). There are 4 interchange tracks and then the Erie yard not broken into specific tracks (this may happen in later versions).

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  1. I've always wondered about the practice of individually identifying yard tracks and I suppose it is specific to the operation being recreated.

    For example, on a recreation of the Beer Line in a Kansas City basement, there is a multi-track industry that calls out as individual tracks and spots so the operation of the industry manager directing which cars are spotted where can be replicated but right next door, the overflow storage yard is four tracks that are all assigned one identifier.

    So, in practice, a switch list then says pull from X and spot to B2. Finding the car in X would require the crew to walk (or pull) the tracks and the line up all of the spots in order for B. By keeping X less specific, the crew ends up spending a little more time on this job which extends the play value.