Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HBS Photos

14th Street (Coming behind the Stahl Soap Factory, August 1972, from the Jay Held collection)
More from Tim Stuy. The first is a great shot somewhere along 14th street where there are a lot of industries served. The gates are really interesting to me. I'm thinking that operators will need a key to unlock and lock the many industry gates along the line. I'll have to look closely at the maps to see if I can identify from the track and building shapes exactly where it is.
Car float (HBS 701 at the float bridge on October 24, 1964; Rich Taylor photo.)
Next is a signature shot of the care float slip and approach trestle with the Empire State Building in the background. From an excursion trip.
The builder's card for the IR-GE boxcab.
I still need to add some details to my SketchUp model and replace my first 3D print with a completed model. I use Shapeways to print, and the level of detail has gotten fine enough to print rivets. 

Thanks to Tim for letting me post these, and there are more items from him to post later on!

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