Friday, June 19, 2015

Film Friday - Dock and Transport Services 1960s

Dock and transport services in New York in the 1960's - Film 3139

From the Huntley Film Archives. At the about 6 minute mark, there is an aerial view of Manhattan with the HBS in the foreground. It's a good long shot look at the southern end of the railroad and how the HBS relates to the Hudson and Manhattan.

The rest of the film is a great tour of the Port of New York in living red-shift color. The description from the video:

Dock and transport services in New York in the 1960's

Port of New York Authority - investment in New York docks. Aerial view of the Statue of Liberty. Port Newark, aerial shots of docks. Hoboken docks. Liners, tanks, warehouses, Norton Lily - cargo sheds. Trucks. Loading onto ships. (Lots of aerial shots). Rail - Pennsylvania trains with cargoes. Pan-Atlantic ships. Container boarding. Loading cars. Elizabeth Dock. Cutting deep water channels - N.Y. skyline, unloading bananas in warehouse directly on to train. Tropicana Orange Juice terminal. Rail cars being loaded. More trains. Huge truck terminals - U.S. highways. New highways, freeways and roads, fifties looking cars on roads. New Jersey turnpike. Brooklyn tunnel. Lincoln tunnel from the air. Very early heli-port (double blade helicopter). Newark Airport - aerial shots and warehouses etc, airport buildings and car parks. Animal 'hotel' in airport. Airport lounges and passenger terminal. Pan Am jet.

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