Friday, June 5, 2015

Tsunami Braking Settings

Around here, we have been getting into using the braking function of our decoders. This is mainly a result of our operating session experience in Kansas City with Chuck Hitchcock and Kevin Lyerle who, along with Keith Robinson, have been playing around with this for a while now. 

My first locomotive to use braking functions was HBS 701, which I input CV values in manually using my CVP AirWire throttle. Consequently, I have poor records of that set up, but I like it. Since then, I purchased a booster board from SoundTraxx so I can read the settings off of the Micro Tsunami going through a Digitrax Zephyr command station.

In the meantime, I have spent a couple of hours dialing the HBS 601 (an HH660 by Atlas) using the greatest gift to DCC since, well, DCC was invented, the JMRI programming application. I've now got no. 601 dialed in with a not-too-annoying momentum and braking setup that shouldn't bug operators who are not used to it. I've posted the settings below in case anyone is interested. I still have some tweaking to do once the locomotive gets broken in, and we operate with it some to get a real feel for how it responds under actual operating conditions.

Let me know what you like - I'm interested in the range of likes and dislikes having to do with braking, momentum and the accompanying sounds.

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