Thursday, May 17, 2012

HBS No.500 Submitted for Printing

The SketchUp! model of the boxcab. After modeling (and correcting, and re-correcting) the file was exported to a Collada file (.DAE). I believe this option is only available in the Pro version of SketchUp! I modeled just the basic shape - I will add the details using brass, styrene, etc. after printing.

I've made the second step towards scratch building the Hoboken Shore no.500 GE/IR boxcab. I sent off the model to Shapeways for 3D printing in a flexible and strong plastic. It took a few attempts to get the model accepted because of wall thickness at a couple of spots on the model. The printer's "resolution" only allows for wall thicknesses .7mm or greater. The rounded roof was originally thinner, but hopefully the printed model won't suffer for being a few tenths of a millimeter thicker than I intended. My latest build is in for manufacturing, and I could still get errors returned from the shop when they actually try to print. If all goes well, I should receive it in a couple of weeks.

I worked off of pictures from the excellent website, the Benjamin L. Bernhart book Hoboken Shore Railroad, and Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 43.

From Benjamin L. Bernhart's excellent reference book Hoboken Shore Railroad, 2006

For the details, I plan to model in AutoCad and print on a Makerbot Industries Thing-o-Matic 3D printer. I might need to use Shapeways again if the detail doesn't come out as well as I want with the Makerbot, as Shapeways offers finer grade plastics as well as metal laser sintering in stainless steel or alumide which may yield better results in some cases. I've seen N scale side frames 3D printed to good results, but I'll check if there are any ready-mades that are close. Railings and such will be wire, and I'm thinking the Archer rail car rivet decals for, well, the rivets.

The model after being uploaded to Shapeways.
The plan is to use Northwest Short Lines Stanton drive(s?) to power this 300 h.p. baby boxcab. Choosing a decoder will be interesting, as no one has recorded sounds from a prototype, yet. There is some discussion about which sounds that are available are closest, but it boils down to a normally aspirated 1st generation engine: a Baldwin 608 Na, although I will have some Baldwin switchers in the Erie yards already, or maybe a Galloping Goose is more in the appropriate horsepower range? :)

Any ideas are welcome, as always.


  1. Riley, check out the Soundtraxx website and click on the sound sample for a GE Cummings diesel in their Micro Tsunami section. That might be the one to use.

  2. I'm using that on my 44tonners. I do really like the sound and would otherwise be happy with that choice, but I am looking for something distinctive. I've never found out what Tim Warris used in his boxcab, but others have mentioned the Baldwin. There's been discussion on the RailMarineOps Yahoo group, but nothing definitive. As I have never heard one of these in real life, I feel unable to make any 'right' decision.