Friday, May 11, 2012

More Collateral Railroading Activities

The 2012 Port of New York Railroad Mug

In honor of the 1000th page read here at the PoNYRR blog (yea! and thanks for the interest!), I have created a 2012 Port of New York Railroad mug in my Zazzle store. Featuring logos from the railroads I intend to model in some form or fashion on the layout as well as one of the photos from my collection of Erie no.26 44-tonner. I've got a couple of mugs on the way, and I will let you know how they turn out.

On related news, it is summer and there may actually be some modeling that happens over the course of the next few months. I am finishing up a scale test car and locomotive decal projects, as well as some experiments with the Stanton Drive. Please give a shout out if you are working with a Stanton already - there isn't much written on it, yet. I will either re-power a 44-tonner or a Roundhouse boxcab. I might even scratch build a boxcab from the 3D model I have been working on.

My hope is that the Stantons draw less than .5 amp so that I can use my Micro Tsunami and mini LokSound decoders, which so far haven't worked in anything I've installed them in. The irony could be that with the Stanton motors under the chassis, I could use regular size decoders and wouldn't need the micros in those units. Oh, well.

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