Sunday, August 5, 2012

Domino stack

After converting the backdrop pieces to regular modules, I have a stack of bench work that is ready to be installed in the layout room. My earlier calculations about how many of these I could use were incorrect. It turns out that I can use each one, and that they take care of all of the main modules needed! I only have to make some add on pieces to take care of the ends of the aisles for a turnback loop and the Bethlehem Steel complex. That's pretty darn amazing.

I'll need to install a ledger and a beam for the modules on the long west wall, and then make a few extra legs for the rest. My original idea was to make a platform to put the island modules on that would allow removal of the modules and leave a large work surface that is easily broken down for conversion to a guest room. I'll have to design this or maybe just get some more legs to start with. Having a large work surface would really be nice.

As you can see, it took all of about half a day before I started using one of the modules for an assembly surface for a small house project today. You can never have too much workspace!

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