Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gift horse

So I hear a knock on the door early Saturday morning and open it to find several benchwork modules standing at attention waiting for a military review. Actually not even close to what happened, but it is what it looked like after I drove to Bastrop Friday afternoon, loaded them with help from donor Mike Barrett and unloaded by myself early the next morning. They are now upstairs in the layout room awaiting the next step.

These are the nomadic modules originally from David Barrow's Cat Mountain & Santa Fe that have found a new home as part of the Port of New York Railroad after Mike decided he was going to need to construct specialty bench work for his layout. (Thanks David and Mike!)

They will be used to form quite a bit of the bench work for my Hoboken Shore. Some of them (the blue ones) will be converted from backdrops to modules to make up at least 3/4 of the entire layout baseboards. I'll remove one of the sides of Luan plywood and mount using 2x ledgers on the walls and some sort of leg assembly for the islands.

It should only take a few hours to install. I'm thinking that I'll get them assembled, but I am still wanting to proceed with another pocket terminal or two before tackling the HBS track work. 

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