Monday, November 26, 2012

28th Street Aerial

Aerial from Hudson River looking at Manhattan Island with the Liggett Building on the right, Erie's 28th Street Yard, a block of industrial buildings and then the much larger New York Central yards. Photo in collection of the author.
Just a quick post of a photo of the Erie 28th street yard and waterfront from March 13, 1929. What is interesting about this aside from the information that can be gotten from the photo itself, is that the reverse side is mislabeled. Somehow the label from another photo got attached to this one. The reverse says it is of automobile crates in Hoboken:
Reverse side of 28th Street aerial photo above.
It may be from this photo seen on eBay several months ago:
Photo seen on eBay dated 1947.
Regardless of the tag, both are fine photos for this researcher.


  1. These beautiful images really make me want to model this for myself. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think I get bonus points for ever person I convert. :)

  2. Great photo. Whenever I see a new photo of 28th Street, I put it into Photoshop, and crank up the magnification to see what is buried there. This photo, from 1929, is before the yard was rebuilt, and is close to its original configuration. The 29th St. Buildings in not there yet, so a team track is along 29th St. There are only two tracks next to the 28th street building.

    Right by 28th St is an Erie 0-6-0 tank loco, and there appears to be another one hiding in the shadow of the building. There is a hopper car (coal?) in the pocket west of the 28th Street building.

    On the carfloat on the starboard side of the tug coming into the 28-29 St area is what appears to be a triple dome tank car. I wonder if it was destined for here.

    How large is the original print? Any chance of making a higher resolution scan?


    Vince Lee