Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another aerial

Todd Shipyards and the Hoboken Shore Railroad, 1959. Collection of author.
Another aerial, but this time it is of the Hoboken Shore in 1959. The Todd shipyards can be seen at right just before the interchange tracks with the Erie at Weehawken. The Hoboken Shore's yard stretches in front of the highway ramp. A string of yellow reefers sits on the far yard track - maybe just arrived from the west coast getting ready to move to the car float and to a Manhattan Island pocket terminal for tomorrow morning's markets.

Amongst other things I haven't known about before now is a pedestrian walkway bridge behind and to the right of the blue Todd Shipyard building. It crosses the Hoboken Shore yard and the Erie approach tracks to their Weehawken Yard to the right of the photo.

One of the questions rolling around the back of my head is how to model the front edge of the layout. We will be looking from this vantage point - standing in the Hudson - and most of the interesting stuff is on this side of the tracks. A considered approach is to model only the track on the layout itself and then model the river stuff on a separate removable piece for photos and non-operational viewing. I'd probably pick a couple of areas to do this with like a shipyard and a set of docks. Too many good modeling opportunities to pass up...

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