Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Framing Plan

From files of Department of Planning, R.O.W. Division, PoNYRR
Dateline Hoboken, NJ 5 June 2013
In a press conference in the headquarters of the Port of New York Railroad, a more detailed and accurate view of the framing plans was released today by the Department of Planning's R.O.W. Division after unauthorized leaks previously in the week.

A spokesman in response to questioning, provided further insight indicating that the two pier modules might, indeed, become one further opening up the aisle to human traffic. He also said that the Desk units may be reduced to further increase the essential smooth traffic flow of operators.

The RO-RO has been centered in the Erie yard in this version, and the location of the rotating pocket terminal is shown in relation to the rest of the layout for the first official time.

The previous version showed 20 inch modules along the upper wall, while this one shows 32" wide units. A desire to have more buildings in the background is cited for the change, so it is presumed that operating track will be confined to the aisle side for easier operation.

Things seem to be shaping up nicely.

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