Saturday, June 1, 2013

HBS Track Plan 2013

From Department of Planning, R.O.W. Division, PoNY RR
More information is coming out of th PoNY Planning Department this evening. An initial pass at the HBS track plan gives us a pretty good idea of where they are heading. Looks like the planning document from yesterday was followed pretty closely. Notable differences include a larger single dock extension at the Holland America docks at lower left. Lipton Tea has been moved (obviously some cleanup work is needed on the overlapping tracks), and the Seatrain pier has been re-oriented a bit. The Erie yard is looking very doable at this point. Looks like most of the work will be interchange traffic with mainline off of the Weehawken Branch via the RO-RO as seen in the previous bench work drawing as well as several docks to work.

I think the RO-RO could be positioned further down right as the A/D track in the yard, this way the trains that have drops or pick ups could be worked right on the RO-RO. This sounds interesting.

As configured, this means that another (8) 2'x4' dominoes need to be constructed for the center peninsula. More as it develops.


  1. This looks like it will keep several people busy moving the freight, as I count seven operating focal points. The aisles look ample. Are they five feet wide?
    - Eric

  2. Aisles are 4 feet minimum. This was drawn using Rail Modeller software, which is a little awkward to accurately draw with for me still (this is only the second time I've used it). I'll produce a better drawing with dimensions, etc. at some point.

    For minimal crew, I am looking at 1 for Erie Yard, 1 for HBS yard, 1 for car float/industry switcher and 1 on industry switcher job. There will also be a separate pocket terminal (not shown) for 1 operator. Positions could be doubled if desired.