Thursday, July 25, 2013


I'm trying to clear out the layout room for upcoming guests and general well-being. To do this, the next step is getting the 149th in a more mobile and storable condition. 

The deconstruction of the Erie 149th Street Yard

Wires removed, track lifted mostly intact on black floor underlayment, outriggers for new fascia board installing, and the dense 15-ply Baltic Birch plywood being removed. The adhesive caulk used to secure the underlayment and track popped right up with only a modicum of effort. 

Had to quit for the evening before finishing since tomorrow is an early morning, but I made good progress. I'm thinking 3/16" Gatorfoam over 3/4" extruded foam insulation board on top of the existing pine framing. (See for discussion of options.) This is a combination of expediency, bricolage, and good ol' laziness. (It was expediency that led me to use the densest plywood in the world the first time around.) 

I think I'm going to explore the more space age semi-monocoque designs that Joe Brant introduced to the conversation over at my other blog for future construction of pocket terminals. For now, I want to get done and get back to the HBS construction. 

Pictures of process:

Bay Transportation, Suzy Q, and soldering iron
Last spots these cars will see for awhile
Cleared of everything 
Underlayment comes up easily
Just a few spots where the adhesive hung on tight
Completely cleared
Track still attached to the underlayment transferred easily in two pieces. WIth any luck, I can just transfer it back to the new base.
Outrigger spacer blocks for new fascia perimeter board.
Glued, not screwed.
One can never have enough clamps.
Plywood removed reveals lightweight (comparatively) framework.
Momma clamp and baby clamp - everyone got their pads on wood today.

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